About us

The founder, Dolf Schleedoorn, has worked for a sourcing and quality control agency for four years. Half of this period he lived in Shanghai. There he noticed the internet has made doing business worldwide much more accessible. Nowadays, countless companies focus on Asian countries for importing all sorts of products, mainly because of the low prices. Unfortunately, the internet has not taken away the cultural differences, leading to various challenges European companies must face while doing business in Asia. These challenges include, for example, finding a legitimate and suitable supplier, negotiating prices, quality issues, and logistics.

We at Eurasiapartner aim to take all these challenges away from you, leaving only the best part: the competitive prices. We have built a network of partner-factories whose (business-) culture we came to understand, which enables us to make clear and efficient arrangements. The factories we work with trust us as returning and honest clients, making it possible for us to negotiate the best prices and assure a high quality.

The internet has changed trading forever. Just like it has done with retail. Nowadays buying products online is something so common we can’t imagine what it was like without it. eCommerce has its own challenges. Previously, a yearly growth of 10% was quite common, and maybe even expected. The competition is fierce and sales platforms such as Amazon have a lot of power. They are developing private label products based on the data of users. In short, eCommerce is in a transition phase in which private labels will play a big role.

With our private label development and sourcing services we help eCommerce entrepreneurs grow. Every day, we aim to make our customers more successful. Since we are only successful if you are. See us as a division within your company. Together we work on your success.

Best regards,

Dolf Schleedoorn

Dolf Schleedoorn

Founder - Managing Director