Private Label development

Together with you we create the perfect private label and matching strategy. Next to that we will find the factory that best fits your needs. We develop brands that match with your webstore and that fulfils the needs of your customers. Building a brand you are proud of.


Your webstore is successful and you are looking for ways to develop this further. A way to attract new customers and make loyal customers even more loyal. Increase traffic and decease dependence on sales platforms and others’ brands.

Starting a private label is the proven method to achieve this goal. Of course, you would like to do this the right way.

How we work

See us as your co-founder while developing your private label. To develop the perfect brand that seamlessly fits your customer’s needs we will work thoroughly. First, we look at your webstore and image, look at available customer data and discuss your ideas. When we are on one page we will start looking for the right manufacturer.

After we have found the manufacturer you receive a report with the price and where the prices are based. Again, transparency is key in this.

It will always remain your brand.


You will receive a report and will know the required investment and revenue forecast. You took the first step to your own private label. To realize it we should take the next step, the procurement phase inkoopfase. This is the phase where your brand comes to life. We love to take this step with you.

Private Labels:

• drive revenue;

• reinforce online position;

• raise customer loyalty;

• generate leads;

• increase intangible assets;

• allow own price policy;

• grow 3 times faster than transnational brands;

• boost traffic.

Free Development & Sourcing*

*We will return the full amount of €250,- when you decide to buy your private label through us.

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