Procurement from A to Z. Conform European laws and regulations. Taking care of the entire process so that there is zero risk for you. Always the desired quality. Always transparent.


You would like to import products from Asia and have some ideas of what the procedure is but the expertise in importing this product or importing from Asia is missing. You prefer to buy products the right way, without any mistakes so you can keep focusing on your core business.

How we work

We have built a network of factories located in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan that we trust and on which we can rely. By using this network, we can offer the best prices possible and save companies a lot of time and trouble. Conform European laws and regulations. Taking care of the entire process so that there is zero risk for you. Always the desired quality. Next to this, we can take care of custom clearance for you.

The Process


We make sure we completely understand your inquiry and discuss this with you thoroughly. When we are certain we are on the same page, we carefully discuss your demands with one or more of our partner-factories. With doing this, we verify the current best price, the production time, and the logistics and costs of transportation. Depending on the properties of the product, the desired delivery time and the location of the factory, we will recommend and quote either airfreight or sea freight. As we want to make sure we won’t leave you with any surprises, we offer a complete price that even includes import duties.


When you agree with the quotation, we will immediately start the sample procedure. This entails that we instruct the factory to send us multiple samples. We will inspect these samples thoroughly ourselves, and make sure you also receive one or more samples for inspection. When the samples don’t meet (y)our expectations, we will discuss this thoroughly with the factory and make sure new samples are produced. When all samples are approved, we will instruct the factory to start the production. The remaining samples will be safely kept at our company, as they will function as a quality-standard during the inspection later in the process.


Our partner-factory starts production. During the production, we will monitor the process closely and keep you updated about everything that goes on with your order. Even though we work with factories we trust, a quality control during the last stage(s) of the production is always performed. This ensures both you and us that the order exactly matches your wishes and expectations.


When the production is finished, the factory will send the products either by airfreight or sea freight. In case you have special wishes regarding the delivery, please don’t hesitate to let us know. There are a lot of options available, including for example splitting an order and deliver on multiple addresses. We will make sure everything falls in line with your wishes.

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