Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurasiapartner takes pride in its ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This commitment is demonstrated every day in several ways:

We only work with factories who deliver the highest quality products and who are also able to offer eco-friendly materials, such as FSC paper, recycled PET bottles, or organically sourced cotton. We stay clear from harmful chemicals that may be dangerous to humans and nature. Next to this, we offer the option to ship your goods CO2 neutral.

Sourced from responsible factories

Negative reports regarding the working conditions throughout Asia are well-known. We make sure all our products are produced by fair and responsible manufacturers. Every factory we work with respects our Code of Conduct. Before the procurement phase, we investigate if potential manufacturers meet the standards for decent working circumstances and fair wages. This way we can ensure that our products are produced fairly and responsibly.


Compliance and transparency

We see it as our duty to make sure all private labels we bring on the market are safe for human and safe for nature. This is the starting point for the procurement process and ensures specifications will always both comply with regulations and be clearly communicated to the manufacturers. The technical documentation and reports are shared with our customers.

It is important to choose a professional private label agency that understands these issues – and for that, Eurasiapartner is your perfect partner.


Eco-friendly private labels

We believe there is an ongoing transition happening during which all products will eventually be only available in the most sustainable versions, we believe this is necessary and possible. The demand for sustainable products is rapidly growing. Next to that, there is an increasing amount of regulations that aim to make products, packaging and production more sustainable. Recycled and natural materials are key in achieving this.

This transition phase offers unique opportunities for private label products. Most existing brands will have to go through a phase in which they slowly replace their current products with more sustainable version. Next to that, they have to change their image along with this. A new private label brand can directly make a big step towards a sustainable product range. We will gladly help you to start a sustainable product range.